OCT 1 • 8 • 15 • 22


The Journey: C3 Trinity Membership Classes
Everyone who belongs to Jesus Christ needs to be planted firmly in the local church. The Journey is a series of 4 one-hour classes held at the church on Sunday mornings. It provides tools to help you develop into a committed follower of Jesus Christ and a fully functioning member of His church. To sign up or if you have questions, email Pastor Ben Rounds at brounds@trinitydallas.com.

OCT 14


Juliette Fowler Nursing Home
Visit and encourage elderly residents of the Juliette Fowler Nursing Home. Join us at the Pearl Nordan Care Center. Childcare will not be available, but children accompanied by adults are welcome and wanted! For more information and directions, contact Stephanie MacMiller at jsmacmiller@yahoo.com.

OCT 15


Water Baptism
Water Baptism is an important step of obedience and proclamation for every ​believer! To be baptized, talk with a pastor or email baptism@trinitydallas.com.

OCT 15 – NOV 5


Thanksgiving Outreach 2017
This Thanksgiving C3 Trinity is partnering with CareCenter Ministries to provide 1,500 meals to some of the most impoverished families in Dallas and YOU can be a part!!  Pick up an empty box while you’re on campus, fill the box with the grocery items on the list provided. We will be collecting filled boxes at C3 Trinity on Sunday, November 5!  Visit CareCenter Ministries to find out how you can be a part of delivering meals to families.

OCT 22

9:30a & 11:15a

C3 Trinity Dallas hosts J. John
Evangelist, minister, speaker, social activist and writer, J.John has a remarkable gift for communicating the truth in an engaging, stimulating and practical way. His passion for story-telling enables him to bring the gospel to life in a fresh and contemporary manner.

OCT 29


Welcome Lunch
New to C3 Trinity? Want to find out if this is the right home for you? Join Pastors Joe and Nancy Martin, our founding pastors, for lunch immediately after the 11:15 service. To register, contact Pastor Ben Rounds at brounds@trinitydallas.com