C3 Groups



Living in community is not a new idea – it is God’s idea.  C3 Groups exist to build relationships with a small group of friends who are mutually committed to caring for one another, growing in our faith and impacting others for Jesus.  The ultimate purpose of each group is to connect people to God and each other, and to equip believers to influence their world for Jesus.  It is a place where we can find others in our tribe to do life together.


We serve a relational God.  Even from the beginning of creation, He said that it is not good for man to be alone.  Then Jesus gave us the example of community through His life, and He gave us the command for community when He told us to love one another.  The early church worshipped in the “temple and from house to house.” It is through C3 Groups that we find the “house to house” ministry and relationships that make Christianity relevant to our everyday lives.
C3 Groups are venues for:
– prayer and study of the Bible
– exploration, development and implementation of spiritual gifts
– encouragement and accountability
– identifying, empowering and commissioning leadership
– extending the Kingdom of God into our neighborhoods and workplaces
– doing life together with people who mutually love and care for one another


Trinity Wednesday Nights

Men, women, children, youth — there will be something for everyone at C3 Trinity Dallas on Wednesday evenings. This is a great way to experience God, to make new friends and and to grow spiritually. The children’s ministry is available for kids of participating adults, but you must register. C3 VIBE, our youth ministry, is available for jr. high and high school students. If you have questions, contact Pastor Ben Rounds at brounds@trinitydallas.com. Register HERE.

Community Groups

Whether you are married, single, a young family or an empty nester, Community Groups provide a place to connect with people from all walks of life. These groups exist to build a strong sense of community, grow in Christ together and minister to one another.

Women’s Groups

These groups focus on the needs of women and provide a place to make new friends and build relationships.  During these intimate times together, wisdom will be imparted and hearts will be touched.

Men’s Groups

Deep within every man is the desire to do something great.  Men’s groups are designed to equip men to tap into the greatness of God inside of them.  These are places of discipleship, leadership training and pursuing a heart after God.

Student Groups

It’s in the youth and young-adult season of life that people are making decisions about who they are, where they are headed and what they believe.  In other words, on the school campus is where the future is being formed. C3 Trinity has specific groups and ministries to help people in this stage of life to connect with God and one another.
To see a list of available C3 Trinity Groups CLICK HERE.