Growth Track

If you are new to Trinity Dallas or have not yet connected, Growth Track is where you start! The first step of Growth Track is Newcomer’s Lunch where you will hear from our pastors and staff. The next step is for you to attend our Membership Class where you’ll connect to the church,  discover your design, develop your leadership and use your gifts to make a difference, and finally, be inducted as a New Member of Trinity Dallas! After membership, continue to partner with Trinity Dallas in the final step of our Growth Track: Formation — a lifestyle of walking out the principles of Christian discipleship while letting go of old habits, attitudes and patterns.

Find Community. We’d like to get to know you! Come to our Newcomers’ Lunch to meet Trinity Dallas’s pastors and leaders. Lunch and children services are provided.

Connect to Purpose. Want to learn about our doctrine and culture? Register for Membership class and discover your design, develop your leadership, and be mobilized to make a difference.

Learn & Grow. Walk out the principles of Christian discipleship in community through our groups, courses, retreats, events, and experiences.