Serve Him & Serve Others

We were designed by God with unique gifts, talents and abilities for the purpose of serving one another. Your service is your influence. And your influence is your leadership. Every leader is first and foremost a servant. Through serving you can lead and make a lasting impact on the lives of people in our community and around the world. Across the campus, behind the scenes or on the stage of life there is an important place of influence and leadership for you. You will find it as you serve.

The best way to join a Serve Team is by completing our Growth Track! Register today for the next avaliable session.

Frontline Missions

Frontline Missions and Outreach is the mission’s extension of C3 Trinity Dallas. Founded in 1989, Frontline’s goal is to support apostolic ministries both locally and globally. Our mission is to support those that are on the Frontline, living out the Great Commission and taking the Gospel to every corner of the world.

Every Christian has a role to play in the Great Commission. There are three ways to get involved with our efforts at C3 Trinity Dallas. Everyone can pray. Some can give. Others can go. At the end of each year, we raise support through pledges and Faith Promises to fund these partners. We do this through a missions emphasis Sunday, where everyone is encouraged to make a monthly pledge and/or faith promise. This commitment is to give over and above their tithes and directly supports our partners on the front line.

How You Can Give

Your Frontline Pledge or Faith Promise supports the following missionaries and organizations.

Give to Frontline

Mission Dallas


YWAM Dallas

Global Partners

Jeff + Nicky Reetz

Afrika Wa Yesu

Chris + Deb Maas

Afrika Wa Yesu

Kevin + Lisa Evans

Cultivate Leadership

Dr. Rob + Ginger Carman

Victory World Missions

Daniel Matei

Agape Church

Roger Wolcott

Castillo del Ray

Krissy Clark

Every Nation Somerset West

Deanna Driggers

Every Nation Kirche Berlin

How You Can Go

Local Outreach

Mission Trips

Leaders: Brian + Yanira Brown


How You Can Pray

We meet every Tuesday at noon to pray corporately as a spiritual family. For those who want to connect directly with our Frontline partners, their contact information is above .