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We are a God-seeking, Christ-centered,
Spirit-filled Church.

One church. Two locations. Three campuses.

Make A Difference

Since 1995, Trinity Dallas has participated in local outreaches and global missions work, taking seriously the mandate of Jesus in Matthew 28 to “Go into all the world.” We believe that this “Great Commission” includes three aspects in which all of His followers are to participate: Praying, Giving and Going! Some can pray, some can give and some can go – together we can do all three!

Trinity began “Praying”, meeting daily for intercessory prayer before the church first opened its doors. We continue to pray and seek God together for the needs of our local congregation and the needs of God’s people all around the World. We gather weekly for prayer during our Tuesday Noon Prayer Group at our Uptown Campus and we would love you to join us in person or online!

Trinity has been “Giving” to local and global Apostolic Missionaries and Ministries, also known as our Vision Partners, since the founding of the church. Since 1998 we have given over $4million in gifts to support our Vision Partners here in Dallas and around the Globe.

Every year, we raise funds for these Vision Partners through pledges and Faith Promises during our annual Vision Builders event. These commitments to give over and above their tithes and directly supports our partners.

Your Pledge or Faith Promise supports all of our Mission Partners, local and abroad.

Trinity has been “Going” to the nations of the world since we started Trinity in 1998 and we haven’t stopped yet! To date we have sent more than 80 mission teams and over 1,000 short term missionaries on trips to advance the Kingdom of God around the Globe. Some of our more recent trips include:

  • San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Monterrey, Mexico
  • Havannah, Cuba
  • Capetown, South Africa
  • Spain
  • Mozambique
  • Belize
  • Ecuador and more!

We are a local congregation with a global vision, making an impact all around the world by Praying, Giving and Going!

2022 Trinity Partners & Initiatives


CareCenter Ministries began in 1986 in lower East Dallas, and after 20 years of faith and diligence, the area improved tremendously through the power of the gospel and discipleship.
In 2006, CareCenter Ministries moved to Pleasant Grove, where the crime and poverty rates are some of the highest in the DWF metroplex. The schools are chaotic and gang-ridden; drugs are everywhere; gunfire and sirens are familiar sounds. CareCenter Ministries is out to change the atmosphere from within. Partnerships from all walks of life have a heart for the poor in this area. Churches, real estate developers, investors, business owners, individuals, and visionaries work together with the ministry to make a difference.

CareCenter Ministries has many programs that emphasize not only spiritual needs but also physical ones. A food pantry, community garden, and programs for both men and women who have faced issues from substance abuse, behavioral problems, physical, mental, or sexual abuse are just a few ways they are creating change.

Thirty-five years of hands-on experience in discipleship, mentoring, and missionary work, Eldred Sawyer, Co-Founder of CareCenter Ministries, has spent more than a quarter of a century leading a dedicated group of missionaries to serve the inner city of Dallas. Experiencing the hardships of poverty, addiction, and fatherlessness, Eldred sees the need for more and has planted, developed, and oversees branches of the ministry in five separate locations. The vision is for the next generation and beyond. Eldred is working proudly with his son Lonnie to ensure it does just that. They are establishing other CareCenter Ministries in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Missouri.

Trinity Church Dallas gives yearly, but the church members also participate every November with food boxes during Thanksgiving. Last year in 2021, over 250 boxes were given to help the ministry’s needs.

Eldred and Jeanmarie are proud parents and grandparents.


Ed & Debbie joined Trinity Church in 2009 by the summer they began serving at YWAM Dallas. By the fall, Debbie was teaching the YWAM girls class, called HIS Girl, while Ed remained in the background providing the meals & support. It was then that both of them saw the need to support YWAM Dallas with projects that would improve their campus.

For the next couple of years, Ed & Debbie worked on projects around the YWAM campus with many volunteers. Remodeling the campus, step by step, HIS Plan, with the help of Trinity Church, built the first neighborhood playground on the YWAM campus.

In 2014, Pastor Joe Martin of Trinity Dallas told a story about a young man working as a volunteer at the church. We wanted to meet this young man and hear his story. They fell in love with Juan and began the book project covering the story of Juan Terrazas, a young YWAM (and Trinity) member. Juan came to America as an undocumented 5-year-old child.

In 2015, HIS Plan a 501c3 was formed as an official ministry and published the book “Left in America, the Story of Juan Terrazas.”

HIS Plan has grown, and the ministry serves small missions in the Metroplex through their Ministry to Missions program. Monthly, over 200 missions, churches, and volunteers are invited to lunch at Trinity Church Dallas for fellowship, a talk by leading Christian speakers, and receive resources. HIS Plan is helping a number of these missions with resources and small projects.

Ed was a former teacher/coach and school principal before getting into business in 1980. Over the next 30 years, Ed started a number of petroleum, aviation, and technology companies before retiring in 2010. Ed serves as Managing Director of HIS Plan Ministry. He is the author of “Blair’s West Texas Cookbook” and is currently working on several additional projects.

Debbie owns a large interior design company, having had a successful business for over 35 years. Deborah Walker & Associates has become one of the leading interior designers of large residential and resort homes domestically and internationally.

YWAM Dallas

David Funke is the founder and director of Youth with a Mission Dallas. Born and raised on a farm in southeast Missouri, he studied Mechanical Engineering at the Missouri School of Science and Technology. After graduation, David moved to Texas and worked for Lone Star Steel until the summer of 1986. In July of that year, David joined a team for a short-term mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico, and it was there he heard God’s call to full-time Christian service. He joined “Youth with a Mission” (YWAM). YWAM is an international, interdenominational movement of Christians dedicated to presenting Jesus personally to this generation. His first years in YWAM were as a part of a traveling ministry team that did short-term ministry projects across the U.S. In 1992 the group pioneered the YWAM ministry in Dallas.

As the team transitioned to Dallas, they were given the property on North Orient Street that still serves as their office. YWAM Dallas has weekly Bible clubs, discipleship groups, summer camps, mission trips, and other activities to reach, train, and send urban young people.

Trinity Dallas members partner with YWAM for the annual Christmas Angel Tree project every year, providing gifts for children of various ages.

David is a long-time member of Trinity Dallas. He enjoys hiking to see the beauty of God’s creation, traveling to see the variety of places and peoples, and visiting his many nieces and nephews and their families.

Chris + Deb Maas

Afrika Wa Yesu

Chris and Deborah Maas work with Afrika Wa Jesu in Nacala, Mozambique. Nacala is a city on the northern coast of the nation where it is the place of the deepest natural port on the East coast of Africa.

Afrika Wa Jesu (Africa for Jesus in Portuguese) is the home of a Bible school, Vocational Centre and community outreaches such as kids clubs and local church ministry.

Chris and Deborah have developed an online presence bring teaching and encouragement through Q&A’s and daily devotionals reaching people from all walks of life and all levels of education, profession, all faiths and ideals. They have a long distance Bible school that enables working individuals to complete Bible school curriculum through email or WhatsApp.

The current term for the vocational centre is a construction course. The students will learn practical application by constructing three new staff houses on the campus. The outdoor kitchen was fully remodeled with a roof over the whole area making cooking and feeding students easier in the rain. They now have an oven which they are learning to make bread.

Heavy rains, washed out roads, malaria and other issues are a way of life here but it is not without the tremendous testimonies such as one lady shared. “My daughter came to know Jesus through children’s ministry every Saturday and Sunday at church. We were muslims and they (Afrika Wa Jesu) taught my daughter to love Jesus. Now we all go to church and love Jesus.”

Afrika Wa Jesu exists to win souls, make disciples, train leaders and plant churches.

Chris and Deborah have three children, Gabriel (18) Ashira (15) and Mikayla (13) who attend school in the city.

Kevin + Lisa Evans
Cultivate Leadership

Cultivate Leadership was established in 2010 by Kevin and Lisa Evans for the purpose of growing leaders for global impact. The focus of this ministry is to reach, equip and mentor the next generation of spiritual leaders for urban church planting, beginning in China and into other regions of East Asia. Their vision is to establish an equipping base for spiritual leadership in the 25 major metropolitan areas of East and Southeast Asian nations, and effectively mentor 100,000 disciples of Jesus Christ by 2050. In addition to leading Cultivate, Kevin and Lisa are pastors at Shanghai West International Fellowship in Shanghai, China.

Dr. Rob + Ginger Carman
Victory World Missions

Victory World Missions was founded by Dr. Rob and Ginger Carman. Their ministry began as founding pastors of one of the most influential churches in the State of New Mexico. After 22 years of pastoral ministry, they resigned and began to travel worldwide, teaching pastors and leaders and helping to establish churches. Rob had spoken in-person to over one million people. Together as a team, they traveled to over 70 nations.

Dr. Carman passed away in 2021. Through generous gifts from their family, friends, and churches like Trinity Dallas, The Dr. Rob Carman Nurses Quarters was built in the nation of Papua New Guinea. Situated 6,000 feet above sea level in the rugged mountains and 35 miles from the nearest town, this 2,000 square foot facility is complete with a modern kitchen, two fully equipped bathrooms, and eight individual bedrooms for all-female staff. It is 200 feet from the hospital allowing the nurses close access.

Victory World Missions advances under the direction of Ginger Carman. “Our Vision is the World, Our Passion is Souls” was what Rob and Ginger lived by, and Ginger remains dedicated to that same vision. Victory World Missions will continue its support of the operations of the hospital and nurse’s quarters in Papua New Guinea moving forward with outreaches and projects in nations such as Germany, Bulgaria, Mozambique, and Botswana, helping to support, train, and network with those in need.

Ginger has two married children and seven grandchildren. She is a long-time member of Trinity Church Dallas.

Patrick and Abigail Bores
YWAM Montana

Patrick and Abigail Bores have been serving with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Lakeside, Montana since 2018. Abigail (Rowland) Bores grew up in Trinity Church where she was a faithful student and eventually a part-time staff member, until she followed the Lord’s call to Montana. Abigail and Patrick are on staff with the Discipleship Training School (DTS) where they disciple young people in their walk with the Lord by teaching lectures on the Nature and Character of God, demonstrating what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus, leading discipleship small groups, and organizing and leading outreach teams, all while teaching their students credible and invaluable skills for the purpose of bringing the Gospel to some of the hardest to reach places in the world.

Apostolic Fathers

Daniel Matei
Agape Church

Daniel and his wife, Doina, have been the leaders of Agape Church in Timisoara, Romania, for 26 years. When they were led to plant the church in June 1990, Agape Church was the first charismatic church in Romania. Since then, God has opened many doors and over 50 spirit-filled churches have been planted all over the nation of Romania! Prior to their ministry in Romania, Daniel and Doina spent several years in the USA and served as missionaries in China. Their heart is for their home country of Romania to recognize and declare that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Roger Wolcott
Castillo del Ray

Apostle Roger Wolcott has planted dozens of successful local churches throughout the nation of Mexico and he is the founder of Castillo del Rey, “The King’s Castle,” a network of churches in Mexico that are reaching the nation and making disciples all across the country. He is also the founder of Instituto del Rey Christian School, the first Christian primary school in Monterrey, Mexico. Roger continues to minister all across the nation of Mexico encouraging the churches he has planted and overseeing the many leaders under his care.

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