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Philippians 3 - Cultivating a Kingdom Mindset | Ps Matthew Rowland

Matthew Rowland


Today, we take a deep dive into the 3rd chapter of Philippians.

Philippians is the happiest of Paul’s letters; yet his circumstances were anything but happy. He wrote from a prison cell, his work was under attack, and he had been on the road for
over 20 years traveling some 10,000 miles by foot. This letter doesn’t instruct us on
joyfulness or how to be happy. Paul simply is joyful and unmistakably happy. The
Jesus-life Paul experiences on the inside overflows onto the lives of all around him and
all who read this letter. Addressing a range of difficult topics: the renewed mind, the
doctrine of justification, the Christian understanding of suffering, while simultaneously
cultivating a Kingdom mindset marked by joy is what the book of Philippians is all about.
Read ahead and study as we cultivate a Kingdom mindset marked by joy!