1 Peter: How Does God Shape His People? Part 1 | Introduction to 1 Peter | Pastor Derrick Wilson

Pastor Derrick Wilson

Peter, the apostle, writes this letter to Christians living throughout Asia Minor and suffering rejection because of their faith in Christ. He is concerned that people might succumb to persecution, “the enemy without.” First century believers looked to Peter as the most significant figure in the Christian community. Yet Peter stayed out of the center light, subordinating himself to Jesus. The letter of 1 Peter reveals the qualities of Jesus: embracing suffering, wisdom, and humility that the Holy Spirit eventually shaped in Peter.
In this introduction to 1 Peter, we will cover who Peter is, how we can learn to understand him and how God shaped Peter throughout his life. God uses persecution, trials and tribulations to shape each of us. Our prayer is that we are shapeable and will praise God during the shaping process.