1 Peter: How Does God Shape His People? Part 2 | 1 Peter Chapter 1 - The Amazing Privileges of Salvation | Pastor Joe Martin

Pastor Joe Martin, Jr.

Peter emphasizes a godly life of submission and good works even in the midst of suffering.
In Part 2 of our 1 Peter series, Pastor Joe starts in Chapter 1 and uncovers the part of 1 Peter that led to salvation. We learn that the world began persecuting the church and that Peter is writing this letter from a Roman jail. We see suffering at the hands of a world that had no idea how to process the change that they saw in their friends’ lives and learn there are benefits with salvation. This chapter covers how the world persecuted the church during this time and how we can use this suffering and persecution to our advantage. In the midst of this persecution and suffering, God can give us joy.